Hëssler: Bad Blood
Written by Johnnie Crow    Monday, 04 June 2012 22:38    PDF Print E-mail
Hessler - Bad BloodListening to Bad Blood by Hëssler is like driving to the beach in the beginning of summer after your senior year - you are not quite sure what is going to happen next, but you are positive that it will rule. Hëssler sounds as if Scorpions and Warlock hooked up backstage in 1989 - the result a barely legal, slowly maturing band that truly gets it. Dueling guitars, gang vocals, pounding beats, huge choruses and enough sex appeal to warrant taking a cold shower after listening. There are many surprising textures to this album, including sound effects, acoustic guitars and fade out solos. While the sound is excellent, the band has grown since recording it, and the songs sound even better live. Polish-born vocalist Lariyah Daniels sings as powerfully as she is stunning. Songwriter/Vocalist/Guitarist Igz Kincaid and guitarist Frankie Sripada weave in and out of each others melodies, creating a constant tension that carries each tune. Marcus Lee Cox and Erik Michael keep a driving beat for all of the vocal and guitar histrionics to scream over. If you are looking for a new band with a fresh take on a classic sound, check out Hëssler.