Asking Alexandria: Ben Bruce
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Recently, Shockwave contributor Cody Carnes had the chance to talk with Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria, the British metalcore band from the UK founded in 2008.

Shockwave: Hey man, what's up? This is Cody.
Ben: Yeah, how you doing, mate?

Good, man. How are you?
Yeah, not too bad. A little hung over, but good.

Hahaha. Great. So hey, any big plans for the future?
Well, we have the new record coming out, which is obviously really exciting for us. We're just about to start the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, and yeah, I mean, we're just looking forward to 2013, really. Starting the new year with a new album, doing a world tour, and, yeah, just getting things rolling again.

Awesome, dude. Can't wait! Who are your major influences?
That's a tough question because there's so many, really. I'm a huge blues fan. I really love Eric Clapton, Gary Moore and Joe Bonamassa, and then the metal side...I'm a huge Metallica fan, and Slipknot. I mean, there's just so many musicians that I'm influenced by.

Cool, man! So what would your "dream tour" be? Like, what bands would you want to tour with?
Umm, probably, uhh, I don't know...Ozzy Osbourne would probably be one.

Great choice. Alright, where did the name of the band come from?
It doesn't really have any significant meaning. It's just a name, so people know who's playing on stage.

What do you miss most when on tour?
Well obviously family and stuff like that, but I miss the roads, 'cause when I'm home, I get bored, and I just spend a bunch of money at the bar; but when I'm on tour, I get to drink for free, so...

When did you first pick up your guitar?
I was 12 years old, and my dad bought me a guitar for my birthday, and I just kinda' sat down and learned by ear, so...that was a while ago, now.

Same here, dude. What was your first concert?
My first concert was a Deep Purple concert that my stepdad took me to when I was about eight or nine, I think, or maybe eleven. And yeah, that was the beginning of Rock n' Roll in my life.

Sweet, dude. Do you have any other hobbies or interests?
I love wanking...wanking is always a lot of fun.

I watch a lot of TV. And besides touring and writing for Asking Alexandria, I write a lot for my own. Music takes up most of my time. Don't have much else to do, haha.  

Any other info about the new album?
It's looking like a 2013 release. It'll definitely be our biggest record in sound. We made the effort to work with real composers to get real strings. We just spent a lot more time writing the songs and the structure. I'm really, really excited for it.

Cool, me too! What's your favorite song to perform?
It really depends. I love to perform "Morte et Dabo." I also like a real softer song like "Someone, Somewhere."

Yeah, that's my favorite!
Yeah, I love doing that song live.

Yeah, it's a great song. So, I saw your post on Facebook about Mitch Lucker...were you guys close?
Yeah, Mitch was a good friend of ours. I think we spent about three days crying, and calling his phone, hoping he would answer. We really were deciding if we really wanted to even do this tour, but were gonna go out and celebrate his life and continue doing what he loved to do so much. You know. So it's a bit weird, 'cause we were supposed to do this in a couple of days, but we were gonna do the best we can and sort of keep his memory alive.

Yeah, it's hard. He was one of my favorite musicians and a big inspiration to me. But I saw you put I See Stars on the tour, though.
Yeah, we did, because they're good friends of ours, and they have the same passion as Mitch; and it was important for us to find a band that had the same mentality as the rest of us. Once we go out and celebrate his life, we didn't want to replace Suicide Silence, because they're irreplaceable. It just seemed like the right thing to do, you know?

Yeah. Well alright man, it was nice talking to you.
Yeah! Thank you very much, mate. Take care.


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He was a great guy. Really Cool.
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Hey Ben this is jeahn