Vietnam / One Life To Live
Written by Vince Anderson    Wednesday, 06 February 2013 17:10    PDF Print E-mail


  One thing I notice about Vietnam is that he can rock with the more dance oriented tunes or Rap “old school“, incorporating the old school groove from back in the day.The first cut I heard from Vietnam I heard live, it was “Rock for My City” and the energy and flow emanating from Vietnam made it evident, he was the real deal, not trying to be a rapper, but actually rapping. Tracks incorporate  elements and vignettes from Eric B and Avion and on track 4 performs with Wordsmith and Streetchild with “Move the Crowd.” This is what made Rap popular…the beats, the streets, the stories, the shout-outs, the love and Vietnam has it all in there and everything that influenced him along the way, the other rappers, his faith and his city and town of Highlandtown. Other outstanding tracks are “Keys to Victory” featuring Pills, hard as the street he comes from and “Back it Up” featuring Dice, handclaps and shout outs and electronic dance vibe. Vietnam isn’t afraid to have guest Rappers on his disc because, when you’re real, you aren’t scared someone is going to show you up. Peace out!