Saint Diablo
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I recently got to sit down with Tito, the vocalist from the metal band Saint Diablo.  We discussed many things, from possible near death experiences, to fun fan moments.  What Korn really is like, and their new album “The Monster’s Real.”  This interview was taken before their show at Memories in Waldorf, MD.

SW- From what I’ve seen of you guys, you’re definitely an across the boards type of metal band.  How would you describe yourself?
SD- If Killswitch got into a fight with Pantera, and the Deftones and Cypress Hill came around to antagonize shit.  It’s a big clusterf@#k of flavors.  It’s Gumbo rock, it’s got everything.  It’s got regular rock.  It has a little Spanglish in there.  It’s Sepultura meets some hip hop, and reggaton in there, but it’s predominately hardcore rock.  Just real in your face kick you in the teeth style.  Everyone can walk away from it and get something different from it.
SW- I like a band that does a little Vulgar Display meets End of Heartache meshing in a little White Pony, and all this crazy stuff in there.
SD- Yeah everything you mentioned in there is a prerequisite on a creational template.  When it comes to an emotional disposition from where we come from because this was the people we grew up listening to.  Cypress Hill f@#ked my brain up when I was younger.  If I hadn’t listened to Cypress Hill when I was little, we wouldn’t be talking right now.    You wouldn’t care who I was.

SW- (Laughing) Well you seem to be a pretty cool dude.  So I’m glad we’re talking right now.  You sound like you would be a fun guy to chill with, whether it’s hanging out at a bar, or on a couch playing video games.  But you mentioned earlier that you’ve been in the scene for awhile.  What’s some of the craziest sh#t you’ve seen?
SD- Well I just got to say, but not really cool crazy.  We were in South Carolina, and we were doing off shows for all the Ozzfest fans, and it was a big show.  There’s a lot of southern love down there.  We definitely love Southern love, but it’s different.  People were walking up to us, and instead of them saying “sign my tits,” it was “spit on my face!”  (doing a southern accent) “Will you please spit in my mouth? I like your band.”  I mean I’m not judging anybody, but it was just f@#king crazy to me! (laughs) I mean instead of just spitting in your mouth, can I just sign something?  It would definitely be a lot easier for the both of us.

SW- Yeah I think I would say something like that though, but knowing me, if I did, after it was over I would say thank you very much, oh by the way I have an STD! (laughing)
SD- Another crazy moment, was when we were touring with some old friends of ours.  We were really getting excited to meet up with our old friends.  We were driving along 70 mph.  We had a handicap bus with a nice shuttle.  All of a sudden the bus starts rattling and shaking, and I’m telling the bus driver to get off the rumble strip, and he’s telling me that we’re not on the rumble strip.    We suddenly see both of our tires, one of our rear dooly tires was going in front of us, and the other was going behind us, and one of them jumps lanes, and hits an oncoming car.  A car behind us rolls over the tire, and f@#ks up his transmission.  I mean long story short, we all lived through it, but when wheels fall off the bus on a way to a show, it’s a little crazy.
After that was all said and done though, the owner of the club came by and picked us all up in truck, and packed all our gear in it.  He drove us to his club, and we rocked that club.  That was the climax of the whole show.  We still played, and the stress of that entire day antagonized us to make us put on a really good show.  We really had one of those moments were we were thinking “oh sh#t, I almost died, oh sh#t I need to get laid, oh sh#t I need to get drunk.”  It was just one of those moments.  It was pretty scary.   It was one of those moments where so many things could have gone wrong.  We just got the tires maintenanced 5 days earlier.  It was a total situation where we weren’t slacker rockers who just didn’t check the air pressure.  It was some other slacker rocker who works at a mechanic shop who didn’t check the air. (laughs)

SW- Yeah thanks to the tire that almost killed Saint Diablo-Bastards! (laughs) Can you tell us a little bit about this tour you’re on?
SD- Well all the bands playing tonight are on the Jager tour.  We have Stemm, His Name Was Yesterday, Saint Diablo, and Elisium.  Really we combine all our efforts to help each other out on these shows.  We’re all in the same situation in these shows.  We’re playing with different bands across the country.  They’re playing with Rob Zombie, we’re playing with Rob Zombie.  We’ve been playing with Lamb of God since they first started out because we’re from Richmond as well.  We’re all on the same page when it comes to these high profile shows.  We just did the Korn show with Jager about two months ago.  There is an old saying that goes “don’t meet your heroes, or idols because they’ll disappoint you“, which for the most part is true.  However, sometimes people will surprise you.  Korn was an exception.  I was expecting them to be not so cool, but they were f@#king fantastically cool.  You get some bands not as legendary as Korn that have an attitude.  So it was real refreshing.

SW- That’s great to know especially since some of my staff will be meeting them soon!  I know you guys got to get ready for your show.  Are there any last comments you would like to add? 
SD- We have a new album coming out on Eclipse Records.  It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Corey Smoot who is Flattus Maximus in GWAR.  He is also on our first track doing some backup guitars in the intro.  All and all we’re kicking a$$ on getting our album titled “The Monsters Real” out there.  We also have a video for the title track as well, and we’ll be releasing that in the next few days on our website, and on YouTube.  All in all it’s going to be a big fall for us.  It’s going to be a big next year for us.  The album’s gonna get worldwide distribution, and some more big shows with Korn, and also Mushroomhead.

SW- Sounds great.  Well everyone needs to definitely check these guys out on the road, and on their website, and everyone always remember to rock out!