The Understudies: Overnight Live
Written by Steve Foxx    Monday, 28 February 2011 17:59    PDF Print E-mail

Not quite my cup of tea in the beginning but a very solid record overall with four original tracks and one cover track. With two vocalists you never know who will be singing lead which kept me intrigued and wondering more about this 4-piece out of the Washington D.C./Silver Spring, MD area. Laura has a voice that I personally find better suited for the styling's of Joan Jett and Stevie Nicks but that's not saying that she doesn't have a beautiful voice because she totally does (beautiful voice + beautiful woman = LOVE). Mike on the other hand has a rather unique sound to his voice. It's kind of pop yet kind of country but he sings well nevertheless. With their own individual rock sound (every track seemed to be of a different styling) and neither vocalist truly fitting the prototype, they make things work and work well. For me this record was an acquired taste but I definitely recommend it to everyone. I especially enjoyed "Memphis" with its blues/jazz rock styling. It gave me the feel of sitting in a venue down in New Orleans. If you want a true feel good record pick this one up. If you don't then I feel sorry for you.