Dawn Of The Underground-December 2011
Written by Dawn LeMay    Saturday, 03 December 2011 16:20    PDF Print E-mail
It has been a truly amazing month for music, the local music scene has been alive with activity.. If you haven't gotten out to see some of the bands/entertainment in person, I'll tell you what you missed.. And if you have been fortunate like me to PARTY like a ROCKSTAR, and see all or at least some of what Baltimore has to musically offer you.. You were really happy this month.

Zach Myers of Shinedown, played an intimate evening @ Baltimore Soundstage (sitting in café sytle fashion t where tables have been set up where the mosh pit normally is!!) where he shared the stage with local talent David Gascon, Justin Walters, and more. It was an amazing night, filled with laughter, great friends and acoustic renditions of Zach Myers' songs as well as some covers like "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" which was sung so soulfully, it was the best rendition of that song I had ever heard!!.. Back again at Baltimore Soundstage, again for another musical night but not seated and not quiet, OH HELL NO.. A sea of people ROCKED OUT to the musical talent of A Freudian Slip, rebel inc., Sky Came Burning, Almost Kings, and the Colonist. There was organized chaos as a film crew snaked their way strategically around the venue following Adrianna, vocalist for Forgive the Fallen, and other random fans for Sky Came Burnings' upcoming video that was being filmed that night.. My FAVORITE part of the night honestly had to be when Defiant Caliber OCCUPIED the stage with rebel inc. (ßINSERT PUN HERE.)

It was AMAZING, THEATHRICAL, and just GOOD. The energy that was pouring from the stage from all of the talented musicians from the impromptu comingling of bands, and all I can say is "DO IT AGAIN!!"

Rams Head hosted Vessels' CD release party,. Comedy abounded as Kevin Hock lead singer, frontman extraordinaire of "Loving the Lie" staged some comedic acts, within the show, one of which had him sitting on a lawn chair on stage, letting the fans sing for him, or yet another when the band tossed TONS OF GLOW NECKLACES into the crowd, the venue actually GLOWED when LTL performed "Radiant".. Vessels lead singer Pollux, took the stage and performed like a man on fire!, gyrating his legs, reminiscent of Elvis, but in a fashion I have never seen a human do before, it was memorizing. The creative makeup of the band was cute if not somewhat disturbing ;). My daughter, Sam who accompanied me to this and many other shows, band practices., etc, my best and most HONEST critic, LOVED IT!

Some bands have started playing again after a hiatus from the music scene, including Hero of the Hour and Laughing Colours. And some bands have crashed onto the music scene like MEGOSH, playing to a near sell out crowd. I cant wait to see what these bands have to offer in the future!!, I will be watching. 8)

Sufficed to say, Baltimore and the local music scene has ALOT to offer, great shows, great entertainment, great people, just sometimes they are UNDERGROUND, just beyond the light of everyone seeing what a GOLDMINE we have in this town. I will look forward to seeing the musicians and the fans that love them while I am out and about bringing the music that we love into the light!