Sherri Love's Last Word-January 2012
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Hi Everybody! This is Sherri Love of Gigging Musicians Network!

I was thrilled that Vince Anderson and I finally got out to see The Dave DeMarco Band. As you may already know, The Dave DeMarco Band features Dave DeMarco (bass, vocals), Sam White (guitar, vocals), and John Davis (drums). We met up with them at McAvoy's and what I found interesting is that they didn't have a sound man or house PA. They had a 'stick system' and a couple of monitors, with Dave himself mixing from on- stage. The FOH (front-of-house) sound contained mostly the vocals, their back line of amps (Acoustic/Mesa Boogie for bass; Fender for guitar) sufficiently filled the room at a very reasonable volume. Their energy level was as exciting as some bands with a full concert PA system! (On a personal note, I would like to see other bands start doing this "old fashioned" way of production). So There Take That!

Of course, most of that energy was due to the material they present. Despite being a 3-piece band, DDM undertook the challenge of covering tunes from larger bands. Just one example was the Chicago tune "25 or 6 to 4". Sam did the intricate horn parts on guitar, amazing. And as expected they excelled at power group stuff, like the Rush song "Tom Sawyer", they had everyone applauding and cheering – And I would also like to give kudos to the impeccable drumming of John Davis that allows Dave and Sam to 'step-out' (NOTE: John Davis occasionally plays drums in Never, Never too).

Unfortunately, Vince and I couldn't stay to properly chat with the band during the break, but Dave's pedal board is very intimidating and high-tech. We had to leave after the 1st set due to obligations to view other acts around town, including Never, Never, at the Fish Head Cantina. Spike and the guys were as amazing as ever (stay tuned; I'll cover Never, Never in more detail in an up-coming column). BTW, Vince and I get lost on the way back... I can't print that conversation or series of events that ensued (LOL).

The following weekend I caught The Charles Parker Band at Dick's Halfway Inn. Vince and I had already started the evening somewhere else for a few hours and then split up to go home and unwind – to be back out seeing shows that night – so we decided that versus tag teaming it, Vince would take the city and I would do the county. Vince went to see Aries and some other bands at Sonar (Robert Bradley, please forgive me for not being there but I promise I will be out to see soon). Anyway, The Charles Parker Band features Charles Parker (lead guitar, vocals), Alexx Makarovich (drums), and Eric Krakau (bass, vocals– NOTE: Eric Krakau also plays bass with Never, Never). Whenever I go see The Charles Parker Band it is truly an escape for me. I can enjoy really great songs from one of the most extensive song list performed by really talented musicians locally... and we have a lot of fun too! You just never know who may show-up to 'sit-in'. I was reading a few text on my I-phone, but when I looked back up at the band all of a sudden Alex T. White was now jamming with the band... who just days earlier told me that he would give me his vintage Reeboks if I brought a certain band to town for a show. So this also gave me a change to check out said high-tops! LOL

Oh, I know where Vince and I were at earlier (how could I forget). We were on Stash's show at 98 Rock interviewing The Alckemist (who where the winners of the Battle of the Bands that we hosted at Surf City a few months back). I have never been on the radio before and I started freaking out with mic/stage fright. I called Vince to get some suggestions, and at first he tried his usual approach which was simply..."Sherri, get your F-n' head out of your ass, stay on task, and get the job done. That's what we do, no matter what... we get the job done!" As confidence building and inspiring as that pep talk was this time it just didn't work (LOL), Vince still had to change his plans come 98 Rock to sit right beside me on the radio show! But he didn't mind... well, he did until I told him that "no matter what, we do what it takes to get the job done "( yeah that speech works both ways ouch -sting-burn ) LOL!

OK, now this brings me to the December 3MA/Gigging Musicians networking event we had at The Barn! The place was packed! Thank You – I know many of you drove over an hour to be there and for those of you that couldn't come out thank you for the really nice and encouraging notes you sent me. I want to thank Paul Wisner the owner of The Barn for hosting us. I also want to thank our panelist... Paul Wisner, Kory Garrison (Beyond The Scar), Rio Heitt (Ten Blade), Johnny Sexx (King Belvedere), and Randy RJ Jones (RJ Promotions). RJ served as both a panelist and the moderator. We make each 3MA topic different from the last. This time we had a discussion about "PAY TO PLAY" – but you know it may take way more than one discussion to cover this topic! However, the important thing here is that we starting talking about it TOGETHER as the Network and Alliance that we are. I'll write more about the event details at a later time, but stay tuned and as always networking events are monthly. Make plans to attend. Even if the monthly topic may not particularly interest you, the events are a fantastic networking opportunity. In the mean time you know you can contact me, Sherri Love, anytime (as Kory G said "you would have to be living under a rock to not know how to find Sherri)!

Again, I really want to give a special thanks to RJ. His help, dedication, and expertise have been invaluable. RJ was a generous sponsor of the summer 2011 GMN /SW/3MA Battle of the Bands hosted by Surf City. RJ was also a judge, consultant, and therapist (LOL) week after week after week. RJ is also very much a part of Gigging Musicians Network and 3MA as well. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with him. ( I also want to thank Eric Seidel and Dante Farrago of Meat Market Studios... again generous sponsor of the Battle of the Bands. Their help and support is just super and so appreciated, please be sure to go to the Holiday House on Tuesday nights. Eric and Dante host an open mic and networking and check out their band Popular Strange ( )

Oh that reminds me... Vince and I were headed to the Holiday House to meet up with RJ, Eric, and Dante – again we had decided to split duties so I went to see Riff Raff (, an awesome high-energy band featuring Jay Wise (guitar), Robbie Nuke (bass), John "Nort" Knorlein (drums), Vinnie Precsimone (guitar), and the incredible vocals and stage persona of Eddie Pumphrey. They really put on one helluva a show! This is another band we'll be interviewing in the near future too. Oh yeah, I missed John Waters at the Holiday House! You know how I find out? RJ comes to meet up at the club afterwards to tell me about it and Vince posted it on his face book wall the next day! Hey guys, next time "Get your head out of your ass... and text me!" LOL!

I also want to thank Rick Jermain (Sucker Punch Sadie)

Gregory M. Marsh (The New Romance Band)

Robbie Nuke (Riff Raff)

Tammy Mobley

and Mike Scarinzi and his entire staff @ AAPS Productions

for there help and support with the Battle of the Bands as well as our other projects and shows.

And they are so many more I want to give a shout out to, but I have limited space here, my apologies.

Please stay tuned into face book for upcoming happenings and events such as;

Rebel Inc Benefit – they had there trailer and equipment stolen and they need to replace it. David Jones (Moon Baby and Burn) has an up coming benefit concert he is hosting and of course there are more!

Gigging Musicians Network /Shockwave Magazine/3MA will also be sponsoring some up-coming benefit concerts as well.

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We are a really big f-n' deal ! So There Take That! Support the Solution!

Happy New Year wishing you and yours a very happy and blessed 2012,



Sherri Love